Artist's Statement

I started taking pictures when I was nine with a Kodak 110 instamatic camera I received for my birthday. I have loved it ever since and have spent the last 35 years taking photographs. While enjoying a 20-year career in the financial world, I quietly amassed a photographic portfolio substantial enough to warrant a move toward selling my work. Thanks to the encouragement of a good friend, in 2005 I sold my first photograph and my second career blossomed.

My Bio

My work consists of images taken in natural light with little to no alteration. It is not my goal as a photographer to shock, manipulate, or to distort. My goal is to capture beauty and light, as they exist in the world around us. I find that almost any subject, no matter how mundane, if captured in the right light can turn into a spectacular image.

I wish I could wax on about technique and style and how it was developed but my story is simple. I have been blessed with an eye to capture images. The enjoyment of capturing someone or something that has personal meaning to my clients is what drives me.

My favorite images, and many of those seen on this web page, have been taken while chronicling events and capturing the mood of my subject. It is one thing to take a good photograph but another thing entirely telling a story with images. Photo albums often show people in places without capturing the feeling and mood of the event. If you look for the feeling and mood first, I find the good photographs will follow.

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2005 Private Client


2005 Private Client


2006 Private Client

Russia, Arctic Circle & Caspian Depression

2007 Private Client

Spanish Mediterranean

2008 Private Client